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Chic No-Part Hairstyles for 2017

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: January 14, 2017

Chic No-Part Hairstyles for 2017

It seems all retro hairstyles are making their great comeback. Those who are obsessed with brushed-back hair I am glad to inform that such hairdos are again in trend. I have selected some no-part hairstyles for 2017 that are ridiculously gorgeous. With these hairstyles you will definitely feel elegant and self-confident. To keep your strands polish, opt for hair spray. It is time to draw attention with your unique and ultra-feminine hairstyle. No-part hairstyles complete any outfit and work for all hair lengths and textures.Messy No-Part Hairstyle The first thing that grabs our attention about this hairstyle is the texturized…

Men’s Hairstyles for Fall

Relevance: 73%      Posted on: September 24, 2015

Undercut with Long Top Part

The trendy styles for men come up with new hair styling ideas and provide us with smashing hairdos for every season. Today we’ll refer to men’s hairstyles for fall and you’ll learn what hairstyle to wear in autumn. Actually it’s all about keeping hair in some length to style it differently and to have the suitable hairstyle for the humid and rainy weather. Undercut with Long Top PartShaving or cutting the sides too short is no longer a news for you but it is in thing these days and is a stylish hairstyle along with these blow dried hair on…

Wet-Look Hairstyles for 2017

Relevance: 66%      Posted on: November 17, 2015

wet look hairstyle ideas 2016

Using hair gel or wax in the right way is the best idea to get a stylish wet-look hairstyle. The wet-look hairstyles are generally chosen for special occasions and are considered as elegant hairdos. There are wet-look loose hairstyles as well as updo hairstyles among which you can choose the most appealing ones for your hair. In this case you should pay attention to your hair type and hair length to get the wanted result. So, check out these sleek wet-look hairstyles for 2017.Long Wet-Look Middle Part Hairstyle Middle part and wet-look combo gifts you a super trendy look. This…

Long Straight Hairstyles 2017

Relevance: 62%      Posted on: November 20, 2015

long straight hairstyles 2016

Long-haired stunning ladies usually look for hairstyles that can bring out the prettiness of their locks. If they are healthy and shiny then you can rock various trendy hairstyles. Among fashionable long straight hairstyles for 2017 are the below represented options. These gorgeous hairstyle ideas will inspire you to style you locks in trendier ways.Long Straight Center Part Hairstyle Center or middle part hairstyles are youthful and simple hairdo for long straight locks. They ideally separate your hair into two parts and if you have layers they frame your face on both sides.Sleek Side Parted Straight Hairstyle Straight hair is easier…

Men’s Trendy Hairstyles for 2017

Relevance: 58%      Posted on: October 31, 2015

mens hairstyles 2016

The times are over for simple haircuts that men used to wear. Nowadays there are many new styles to rock on short, medium and long hair and today we’ll speak about trendy men’s trendy hairstyles for 2017. If you are in a search of new hair styling ideas then consider these options for the future.Side Swept Undercut for Men Undercuts usually provide you with longer top part which definitely need to be styled in a neat form. One of the stylish undercut hairstyles is the side swept style. In order to achieve this hairstyle you are supposed to ask your…

Men’s Cool Undercut Haircuts for 2017

Relevance: 57%      Posted on: April 9, 2016

undercut hairstyles for men 2016

You’d never know which haircut suits your face shape best until you try. Though this doesn’t refer to women but men are welcome to try out the latest haircuts to find the most suitable one for them. If you are tired of the same dull short or medium haircut I am here to offer you men’s coolest undercut hairstyles for 2017. Undercut is one of the rare styles that comes up with a wide range of effects and goes well with any hair type.Short Undercut Hairstyle for Men The best thing about short undercuts is that they are easy styled…

2017 Lowlights and Highlights for Light Brown Hair

Relevance: 53%      Posted on: October 31, 2016

2017 Lowlights and Highlights for Light Brown Hair

Actually the standard highlights should be two tones lighter than your natural strands while the lowlights are two tones darker. The choice of lowlights and highlights is not so easy since there are various options to choose from. To place the highlights and lowlights throughout your strands the colorist uses either traditional foil technique or balayage method.  If the shades are right chosen, then you can be sure of having a head turning hairdo. The best part about highlights and lowlight is that they can turn even a simple hairdo into something sophisticated. There are highlights/lowlights for all hair colors…

Trendy Lob Hairstyles for 2017

Relevance: 53%      Posted on: November 13, 2015

lob hairstyles for 2016

Are you thinking of changing your current haircut? Choose one of these trendy lob hairstyles for 2017. They work with any type of hair and due to their flexible length give you many hair styling options. You can straighten it or you may curl it. So, depending on your preferences you can rock it in your own stylish way. Below we will discuss several fashionable lob hairstyles so that you can orientate which one you need most.  Sleek Middle Part Dark Ombre Lob Well, it has a long name because there is much to tell about this hairstyle. It’s trendy,…

3 Elegant Updo Hairstyles for 2017

Relevance: 52%      Posted on: June 30, 2016

Elegant Updo Hairstyles for 2016

Updos come in different styles: they can be worn either formally or casually. Just a simple twist of your hair may turn it into a luxurious hairstyle which every girl should definitely wear at least once in her life. Updo hairstyles are not just feminine and adorable; they are also cozy and effortless. It is not surprising to see many celebrities rocking updos on the red carpet events. If you are ready to wear the best elegant updo hairstyles for 2017, then let’s have a glance at the following pictures which are inspiring as well. Plated Updo We could find…

Wet-Looking Hairstyle Ideas for Straight Hair 2017

Relevance: 52%      Posted on: February 20, 2016

wet look straight hairstyles 2016

Wet-looking effects can’t be compared with any other technique used in the fashion world as they are unique in their style. But one thing is more than obvious; the wet-look effect is best reflected on straight hair. While curly-haired beauties spend lots of time, money and efforts to achieve a cool sleek and wet-looking hairstyle straight-haired women rock it without any special styling and efforts. Be it short or long you can easily get a shiny and stunning wet-look hairstyle on your straight hair. That’s why check out the trendiest wet-look straight hairstyles to try in 2017. Be in style…