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Hottest Wavy Hairstyles to Copy in 2017: Vanity Fair Party

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: March 2, 2016

Vanity Fair Party 2016 wavy hairstyles

Need some wavy hairstyle inspo? Take a closer look at the hottest wavy hairstyles from the Vanity Fair Party 2017. All the celebrities attending this party were in their best and glamorous looks but the most flattering and popular hairstyle seen during this luxurious evening was the waviness. The relaxed, loose and soft waves were chosen by the majority of stylish ladies who have short bob, medium layered and long haircuts. And since there are many cool examples we have chosen the most eye-catching and beautiful wavy hairstyles which stand out due to their trendy shades. Have a look at…

Feminine Long Hairstyle with Bangs

Relevance: 90%      Posted on: October 6, 2016

Feminine Long Hairstyle with Bangs

Nowadays nothing is trendier than long hairstyles with bangs and this is because they allow the ladies with long strands to sport a trendy hairdo without chopping off their locks. Isn’t it marvelous? However you still need to cut some portion of your strands to create your desirable bangs and maintain them. You can choose to style your bangs the way you want plus bangs will make your hair manageable and you will not have to worry about the strands falling on your face. With bangs you don’t have to go for complicated hairdos, since even simple designs will look…

Pretty Long Side Braid Hairstyles 2017

Relevance: 89%      Posted on: November 7, 2015

side braid hairstyles 2016

Each side braid is unique and incredible in its style and tends to give you a girlish yet very seductive look. The below represented side braid hairstyles for 2017 will surely appeal to you and if you have long tresses you should learn the ways they are created and styled. Now, let’s get started!Simple Side Braid with Bangs Side or blunt bangs your simple braid will look rather feminine. This is the easiest side braid that can be achieved on any type of hair and by any girl. They say simple braid will never be out of date as it is…

Charlize Theron’s Best Hairstyles to Copy in 2017

Relevance: 81%      Posted on: March 10, 2016

Charlize Theron hairstyles 2016

Being an inspiring stunning blonde  beauty Charlize Theron is a delightful and seductive lady who looks attractive in any haircut and hairstyle. She knows the secret of looking so girlish and youthful even in short boyish haircuts. But since this posh lady has pulled off many glamorous hairstyles which are trendy these days we will focus on the best of bests. So, check out Charlize Theron’s best hairstyles for 2017 to be the first to copy some of them this year.Charlize Theron Medium Layered Hairstyle The first hairstyle that I would like to represent to you is the medium layered messy…

New Asymmetric Hairstyle Ideas

Relevance: 80%      Posted on: November 11, 2016

New Asymmetric Hairstyle Ideas

If you are bored with your current haircut and you want to introduce something new into your look then you need to try out bold yet ultra-feminine asymmetric hairstyles. Asymmetric styles work great for all hair lengths-short, medium, long. Whether it is surprising for you or not but even curly and wavy strands may benefit from it. Any hairstyle looks even better and trendier when paired with an asymmetric side. It is an excellent tool for concealing some imperfections and bringing out the beauty of your features. Now, have a look at these examples and get inspired from!Asymmetric Bangs I…

Cute Hairstyles for Long Hair

Relevance: 79%      Posted on: June 1, 2015


Ladies with long hair are adorable especially if they know how to wear it and how to decorate. Having long hair is only the part job; if you don’t know how to make the most of your hair you will not be able to get desired attractive look. Here is a collection of cute hairstyles for long hair that will help you to learn some creative ways of styling long hair. Long hair can be transformed in infinite ways and this is a real challenge for your sculpting skills. It doesn’t mean you should spend all day long by the…

How to Create Vampy Look

Relevance: 78%      Posted on: May 22, 2015

vampy hairstyle

Lady vamps break hearts; their sexy and mysterious image makes us admire with them. Vampy image will be suitable for special occasion. Here is collection of celebrity vampy images that will inspire you to get really special and eye catching look that will stand out from the rest of the crowd. The most important detail in lady vamp’s image is lips. In spite of the fact that we are talking about hairstyles we cannot ignore such important detail. For perfect vampy look you need to choose dark shape of lipstick. It can be burgundy, deep red, plum or any other shade…

Best Hair Growth Treatments

Relevance: 77%      Posted on: October 15, 2015

hair care tips

Each lady dreams of healthy and delightful hairstyles. Sometimes many wish their hair be long and luscious. There are some great treatments for hair growth that will help you to have healthy and thick hair. Discover them for yourself and often use some of them. Olive Oil with Egg YolkFor the first remedy you need to have olive oil and egg yolk. Mix two egg yolks and two spoons of olive oil and add half a cup of water to it. Then apply this to your thin hair and keep it for about 20 minutes. The rise your hair and…

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair 2017

Relevance: 76%      Posted on: October 20, 2015

pigtail braids for long hair 2016

Long hair hair has always been considered as gem and pride for a female. They say the longer your hair the more feminine you look. And while many go for short haircuts we enjoy plenty of hairdos of various styles. When it comes to braided hairstyles hairstylists first think of long locks because long hair gives them more hair styling and bradding opportunities. One can create marvelous braided hairstyles on long hair and since braids are becoming more and more popular today we’ll speak about trendy braided hairstyles for long hair. Pigtail Braids for Long HairIf before you used to…

How to Get Long Hair

Relevance: 75%      Posted on: April 30, 2015


Woman with long hair will always look more elegant and feminine and this is why long hairstyle will always be trendy. Growing hair is not as simple as you may think. Some types of hair grow faster, the others need more time. Tresses are prone to break and get split ends so you have to chop the edges and get shorter haircut. So how is it possible to grow out hair as fast as possible? Actually it is possible if only you know proper hair care tricks. First thing you should do is to get proper hair care routine for…