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15 Lovely Layered Haircuts

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: June 9, 2015

15 Lovely Layered Haircuts

Time for changes girls! The following collection of 15 lovely layered haircuts is the best source of inspiration. You may ask why. Let’s check out. The first question that we should clear out is why hairdressers so often go for layering. Actually, layering is a true secret weapon that can solve mode than one problem at once. First of all layering is used to update hairstyle without going for dramatic changes. More often girls with long hair shy away from changing the length. Here comes layering for rescue. Next best thing about layering is unimaginable volume that it creates. This…

Summer Best Celebrity Brown Hairstyles

Relevance: 84%      Posted on: April 8, 2015


Summer is heating up, girls become sexier with sun kissed skin and beautiful dresses but there is one more thing that make them so adorable. New summer hairstyle and hair color will complete your image so hurry up to find out the newest trends. Top 10 best celebrity brown hairstyles will show you some really beautiful images to copy. Jessica Biel Brown is one of the colors that have widest variety of shades and undertones and this is may be the reason why women so often choose this color. Another great advantage of brown is that it is easy to…

2017 Best Hairstyles Ideas; Runway Looks

Relevance: 56%      Posted on: May 26, 2015

2015 Best Hairstyles Ideas; Runway Looks

Here is another collection of beautiful spring hairstyles that were presented during the latest fashion shows. Let’s continue the topic of spring/summer hairstyles 2017 and find out what else designers have prepared for us. And again relaxed and casual hairstyles are on trend. Designers completed their collections with loose and tousled waves. Textured waves with center or deep side parting will look amazing with any type of summer outfit bu it summer sundress or jeans. If you have made up your mind to update your image you can get wispy bang that will transform the look in a flash. Both comments…

Hairstyles 2017

Relevance: 56%      Posted on: June 9, 2015

Hairstyles 2015

Hair trends 2017 are now complete and you can already check out the full list of fashionable haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors chosen by professional hair stylists and designers. The following collection of hair ideas include both long and short designs so you can update your image without going for dramatic makeovers. Boho Waves 2017 Relaxed and messy waves in bohemian style are again popular. Natural beauty is more appreciated now and it concern to both hairstyles and makeup. You can check out runway looks were models are wearing boho waves completed with no makeup look. Boho waves are created on…

DIY Rainbow Hair Highlights

Relevance: 54%      Posted on: May 20, 2015


Rainbow hair highlighting is one of the most popular coloring techniques of this season. Hair colorists use this technique to create bold and ultra modern look. Combination of contrastive colors looks very dramatic while the combination of subtle colors can make hair look thicker and voluminous. If you have made up your mind to update your look and get multi tonal hairstyle here is a beauty guideline on how to get rainbow hair highlighting for your own. There are many ways of decorating hairstyle. Hair extensions are very popular. This is the best option to transform hairstyle in a flash. Bright…

2017 Short Asymmetrical Haircuts

Relevance: 52%      Posted on: October 17, 2015

asymmetrical bob haircut 2016

Are tired of your dull haircut? It doesn’t matter how long your haircut is it’s time to update it and to transform into a more eye-catching and bold one.  Go for a short asymmetrical haircut in 2017 and amuse your friends with your risky step. Yes, you dared it and now you have a trendy engaging appearance. Well, while you are thinking if this attractive idea I will represent the best asymmetric cuts for right here. Asymmetrical Bob Haircut in Ombre StyleWavy hair, asymmetrical haircut and ombre style; what else you need to look trendy? This combination is new in the…

Top 5 Braided Hairstyles to Wear in 2017

Relevance: 48%      Posted on: February 25, 2017

braided hairstyles for 2017

Looking for the best braided hairstyles to wear in 2017? You don’t have to go far since this article will explore some cool hairstyles that are great for spring and summer months. These pictures are so impressive that they will inspire you to style your hair in a new way. The best part of these hairstyles is that they are actually quite fast and easy to do. In 2017 you can still pull off numerous braids with soft curls and waves that are spiced up with feminine highlights and lowlights. While selecting these 5 hairstyles we were intended to show…

Long Layered Hairstyles

Relevance: 48%      Posted on: June 7, 2015

Long Layered Hairstyles

Long hair is girl’s secret weapon of attractiveness and this is why girls spend so much time and money on hair styling. In order to turn your long hairstyle into a real accessory you will need just one detail. Layering is the most popular hair cutting technique used by hairdressers that can turn bulky and casual hairstyle into something very special and stylish. Find out new ways to update your long hairstyle without shorter. These examples of long layered hairstyles will help you to find better option. Every new haircut should be chosen according to hair type and texture. When…

Top Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men 2017

Relevance: 48%      Posted on: November 7, 2016

Top Faux Hawk Hairstyles for Men 2017

Today you will see some top faux hawk hairstyles for men for 2017 that are pretty easy to pull off. The most part of faux hawks requires clipping the sides short while keeping the strands on the top long enough. The look of your faux hawk depends on your natural texture however everyone can rock them regardless of hair type and natural texture. However it is really fun to try new cool haircuts that update your look. If you need some inspiration, check out these pictures.Edgy Faux Hawk One of the essential parts of faux hawk or Mohawk is the…

Hair Color Trends for Spring/Summer 2017

Relevance: 47%      Posted on: March 4, 2017

Hair Color Trends for Spring Summer 2017

Looking for a subtle or bold hair color change for the warmer mounts? Look no farther as I have selected some cool hair color trends for spring/summer 2017. It is the best moment to change up your look with a right hair color. Spring/summer vibrant hair colors will make your days bright and sunny. So, these hair color ideas are ranging from solid hues to stunning pastel dye jobs. However today’s hair colors are different from the ones we used to wear before. You will see that these modern hair colors are all about seamless blends or stunning contrasts. Soft…