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Letra de el chorrito de cri-cri | letras canciones infantiles, El chorrito de cri-cri . autor: francisco gabilondo soler cri-cri. la gota de agua que da la nube como regalo para la flor en vapor se desvanece cuando se levanta el sol. La página de no oficial decri-crí el grillito cantor, Ultimos visitantes. desde 1997. la página no oficial de cri crí el grillito cantor :"francisco gabilondo soler" obtén tu cuenta de correo electronico "tu_nombre@. Cri cri grillito cantor- el ratón vaquero - gabilondo soler, Décimo primer video de la serie "homenaje a gabilondo soler". este es probablemente el más clásico de las canciones de cri-crí y, según ciertos.

 2009/2014] De Retiro xD (249 de 677) @ Xbox One Online

Letra de la patita de cri-cri | letras canciones infantiles, Contactar al dueño de la lista. completa la forma siguiente y nosotros enviaremos un mensaje al dueño de la lista.. Francisco gabilondo soler (cri cri) - letras de canciones, Francisco gabilondo soler (cri cri) - letras de canciones, acordes, videos y traducciones en el Letra el chorrito de crí crí, El chorrito de crí crí, letra de la canción con el video. encuentre más letras y videos de crí crí en album cancion y letra.

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 2009/2014] De Retiro xD (249 de 677) @ Xbox One Online
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Lista De Canciones De Cri Cri
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Lista De Canciones De Cri Cri

To Grow Black Hair You Need Moisture :: An Review

How great is it to know that armed with a good technique and understanding, your own hair can be glamorously styled without adding harsh chemicals and enabled to grow to its optimum length. Hair is organic and our fragile locks are under attack every day. From the way treat our hair, to the environmental effects of pollutants and the weather. Listed below is a brief guide to hair care tips for keeping natural hair in great condition and creating natural healthier hair over time.


Natural hair that is fully moisturised is less likely to break prematurely as moisture renders the hair more pliable. In effect the strands are more elastic and able to glide more smoothly on each other. Therefore less tangles, less tugging and less breakage. Water is the ultimate moisturiser. After all, every cell in the body is comprised mostly of water so why would the hair be any different?


Oils have different properties and choosing the right oil for you is sometimes a matter of trial and error. There are many hair loving oils such as avocado oil, olive oil, jojoba oil but research suggests very few actually fully penetrate the hair shaft. Coconut oil however has been shown not only penetrate the cortex, but help condition, moisturise and strengthen hair as well.


Change the Way You Treat Your Hair Shampooing, combing, and drying are three of the most common reasons for cuticle (outer surface if the hair) damage. Controlling these factors is by far the most critical in maintaining afro hair and getting it right, hence the numerous techniques developed all aimed at limiting the damage.

Scalp Care

Healthy hair will not grow from a dirty scalp, so keep your scalp squeaky clean. An inexpensive aid to scalp health is to massage. By stimulating your scalp you encourage the blood circulation and allow your scalp’s natural oils, sebum, to be distributed. Use your fingertips only.


Nothing to date is guaranteed to make your hair grow faster. On every head, hair is growing at different rates, sometimes growing faster in the summer than in the winter. Overall hair length and rate is genetically programmed, so despite the promises, you may never grow hair longer than an inch.

Uniquely You

What you eat impacts on many aspects of your appearance. Eat a balanced diet, make sure you get adequate protein and vitamins; and exercise regular. Your hair, like your body, needs many different nutrients and there are several supplements on the market for stronger hair. However, while they can help they don’t always provide the full range of nutrients your hair needs and can sometimes have side effects.

Resting Hair

Hair loss occurs in all ethnic populations, but in black women, many forms of alopecia (baldness) are associated directly to our hair care practices. Constant pulling on the follicles can lead to permanent hair loss.


There is an abundance of information on products seducing us with promises, yet we still know very little about the growing number of hair conditions which are rife in our community. Know that great hair ultimately begins with you, with what you think, what choose to put in your body and what you choose to put on it.

So armed with a list of things you can try, why not give it a go?

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7 Tips How To Grow Black Hair Fast :: An Review

How to grow black hair fast is the big question on every Afro Caribbean’s minds especially with so much hair extensions and wigs around these days, no wonder most people just go for the easy option and wear wigs. Well! I am going list 7 tips yo can use to grow black hair fast starting today.

1. The first step to grow black hair fast is to get a trim on a regular basis. You want to get a trim every six to eight weeks to get rid of Fragilitis crinium other wise known as split ends that normally stagnant the hair from flourishing.

2. Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day.This is very important, you need to grow healthy long hair. Taking in more water the better the condition of your hair. Staying hydrated will make your hair grow shiny and replenish.

3. Eat healthy food, avoid junk such as greasy, sugary and fatty food. Grilled or stir fried options are much better.Also having multi vitamins and lots of fruits and vegetable will increase the hair growth rapidly.

4. Apply oil and moisture to your hair and scalp, regularly massaging the scalp. Massage your scalp at least 5 to seven minutes per day using a excellent pomade like Mizani range. This will encourage the follicles to produce new hair and lengthen the existing ones. Mizani butter blend is also excellent on black hair if you have a relaxer.

5. Style your hair loose most of the time, tight hairstyles will stress the hair and cause traction alopecia, try not to pull and tug too much that will damage the hair and slow down the growing process. Loose plaits and cornrows is OK but remove them and replace instead of keeping it for long periods.

6. Shampoo the hair weekly with moisture base products and have deep conditioning treatment every two to four weeks. Avoid using hot irons and hair straighteners on a regular basis, as too much heat will dehydrate the hair and make it very brittle and even cause breakage. If you have a chemically treated hair, then wrap it smooth and cover with a silk scarf for maximum control.

7. Using Mizani butter blend range is one of the best way to grow black hair fast. This is all moisture base which promotes hair growth and helps hair stay healthy and strong. It has all the necessary oils and moisture need to allow afro hair to grow longer and faster.

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