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Black Short Hairstyles 2013

Black Short Hairstyles 2013
Black Short Hairstyles 2013

Black short hairstyles 2013 are often being said as cute, flirty, messy and fun. Yet, this is true. These low-maintenance hairstyles are best worn by thick-hair texture of most African-American women. Take a look at Rihanna, Ciara or Karrine Stefans to see just how fabulous the hairstyles can be. It can always great to any kinds of face shapes from the square, rectangular, oval, heart-shaped to long faces.

Black Short Pixie

Black Short Pixie Hairstyles 2013
Black Short Pixie


Perhaps, the most popular short hairstyles 2013 for black women are short pixies. Why is pixie often chosen on top of others? Well, it’s simply because pixie fits great for considerably thick hair texture. Pixie offers cool cut and angle that is often characterized by its layers and short fringe, if you want one. Anything can be done with the layers, indeed. Use your fingers and create any desired effect. Make it a bit messy and don’t forget to use hair gel or mousee to get the long-lasting effect. This above-ear hairstyle fits best for oval, long and heart-shaped face. It may need to be avoided for round face. For regular styling, get hair dryer, round comb and flat iron just in case you want to straighten the hair for sometime.

Black Short Bob

Black Short Bob Hairstyles 2013
Black Short Bob

Bob is like a universal language in the world of hairstyling. Everyone agrees the commonality of bob hairstyle that makes it one among the most popular hairstyles 2013. Often looks best in straight hair, bob indeed works great as well for thick and wavy to curly hair type. Black curly bob has to be cut in more details, at least with layers. This helps to reduce the thickness and add some texture. It can be in chin-length or slightly longer above the shoulder. The thing with this cut is it only fits with oval, long and round faces.

Now that the trends are simply getting hotter, it’s just the right time to decide which hairstyle attracts more attention.

Koleksi Baju Mengandung Muslimah

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Black women hairstyles 2013

Different people wear various hairstyles to look unique and beautiful. There is no doubt in it that the hairstyle you carry with yourself surely makes your personality. If you choose such best hairstyles 2013 that is not perfect and good for your personality then you will definitely gone make your personality down.        …