Kebaya Brokat Muslim

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Shave Off My Hair Now

…tensions and adornments, the bigger and more elaborate the hair the finer and wealthier gentleman or lady you must be. For Religion If you look carefully you will notice that head shaving is a part of the Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, Jain and Hindu traditions. Buddhist and Christian monks generally undergo some form of head shaving during their ordination. When a prince that became the Buddha left the castle to seek a way beyond aging sickness an…

Hairstyles Through History

…d up until the middle of the 18th century were household slaves or in later years, servants, although men might have used the services of a public bath house or barbershop. Religion has always influenced the way hair is worn. Muslim women cover their hair when in public. Sikh men wear turbans, not being allowed to reveal their hair. In China, men would shave the front hair and grow the back long and braid it into a queue which they thought would…