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Top Hairstyles For Women With Naturally Curly Hair

Naturally Curly Hair

Women with curly hair often think that there is a limited range of hairstyles for them to choose from. It is true that naturally curly hair often gives one limited styling options, but with the advent of different hair styling technologies that allow more flexibility even with curly hair, women with this kind of hair now have more freedom in how they want their manes styled.

Short Curly Styles

Naturally Curly Hair

Short curly styles, once the rage in the 80s, are making a stunning comeback. This style is suited for confident women who are willing to take the wild and sexual side of a curly mane in a length that they can control. However, this style will not work for everyone. Women who are confident about having most of their face exposed, flaws and all, can work this hairstyle well. Curly bobs are good for work as well. They give women a chance to show off their curls but also allows for some degree of control.

Long, Loose Curly Styles

Naturally Curly Hair

Women with long, loose curls have more options to work with. Loose curls are glamorous and give off a carefree vibe. Naturally loose curls can be achieved with a product that enhances the curls in the hair. It can also be enhanced by putting the hair in a braid for several hours to get that a natural, curly wave. For work, women with loose curls have a lot of options to choose from, from putting the hair up on a high ponytail, tucking the hair into a bun, letting a few loose whips out for effect, or doing the top half up of the hair up while letting the rest fall down for a classic look.

The Cropped Curly Style

The cropped curly style is something only a few women can pull off but this style does make a great statement on someone who knows how to work it. In cropped, curly hairstyles, the haircut is short and works great on young women with fine facial features and small ears. This will flatter women with an oval-shaped face. When styling, one can use styling cream or hair wax to work through the hair, applying very small amounts of the product on the fringes in the front. This is the perfect wash and go style, making it suitable for busy career women who still want to sport a sexy and stylish do.

Straightened Styles

Naturally Curly Hair

Some women want to straighten their naturally curly hair to break away from the monotony. A few minutes under the blow dryer using a round brush can straighten the hair for the day. There are longer-lasting ways to keep hair straight such as hair straighteners that keep hair smooth and straight for up to 6 months. With this hairstyle, one can actually choose a varied range of cuts designed for straight hair.

Contrary to popular belief, women with curly hair have varied hairstyles to choose from. Curly hairstyles were thought to be hard to control and not suitable for work but there are ways of styling curly hair to make it ready for the office. Women with naturally curly hair also now have the option to try the various hairstyles available to women with straight hair once they have their curly manes smoothed and straightened.

By Sherry Brister

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