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Hairstyle Ideas from Free People Lookbook 2017

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: January 20, 2016

Hairstyle Ideas from Free People Lookbook 2016

The latest trendy look from Free People were just so fascinating that we have decided to inspire you with the cool and relaxed hairstyle taken from 2017 Free People Lookbook. These are so simple and sophisticated hairstyles that you can achieve by yourself. Pay special attention to the accessories which beautify each hairdo and highlights its shades. The majority of hairstyles are created with the help of floral and colorful scarves used as headbands.Low Blonde Ponytail Hairstyle Long, straight blonde hair is very subtle and feminine. It never loses its beauty in loose updo hairstyles. In order to keep front…

2017 Coolest Hairstyles for EMO

Relevance: 82%      Posted on: June 9, 2016

EMO hairstyles for girls and boys for 2016

People like to express their emotions differently. Some people are crying, others are laughing while EMO people used to express their emotions with the help of their styles. Eye-catching hair colors and hairstyles make them different from others and they obviously stand out from the crowd. If you belong to this group of young emotional people then go on reading to find 2017 coolest hairstyles for EMO. Nevertheless these people also follow fashion and they have their own approach towards hair trends. EMO Grey Hair I have already mentioned that EMO people are differing due to their style. Bangs and…

2017 Bridal Images on the Runway

Relevance: 74%      Posted on: May 22, 2015

2017 Bridal Images on the Runway

Fashion shows bring offer inspirational images. Hair gurus and makeup artists create crazy and fashionable images that are copied and recreated over and over again. You can find inspirational images for street or some creative ideas for special occasions. For instance you can find some beautiful bridal hairstyles on the runways.   2017 spring bridal hairstyles are very cute and elegant without any sophisticated details. Woman’s natural beauty is accentuated with quite simple hairstyle. Even for such big day like wedding designers represented simple up-dos. The only thing that they chose to decorate is headband. This is not a simple…

New Mohawk Hairstyles

Relevance: 62%      Posted on: May 12, 2015


Mohawk hairstyle has its special place in the collection of alternative hairstyles. For this season hair gurus created line of brand new Mohawk hairstyles that will become the part of new season hair trends, The following examples of curly Mohawk hairstyles are very stylish and bold. If you have already got Mohawk hairstyle you can simply learn how to copy one of those images. If you have made up your mind to chop hair and get something really crazy and mind blowing those images will inspire you to become the owner of Mohawk hairstyle. Classy Mohawk hairstyle was male haircut that…

Feminine Boxer Braids for 2017

Relevance: 56%      Posted on: August 20, 2016

Feminine Boxer Braids for 2017

Well, I don’t really know it is good or not but everything old eventually becomes new again, but when “old” trends that have never gone away hits the first places is really something new and somehow unexpected. The new –old hairstyle is again connected with our favorite braids. Instagram people call it boxer braids. All fashionistas have already managed to experiment with these beautiful braids. Actually boxer braids are similar to the style that we call “cornrows” or “banana braids”. There are various ways to rock these gorgeous plaits, just check out our article about feminine boxer braids for 2017…

Hairstyle Trends from Milan Fashion Week 2017

Relevance: 56%      Posted on: January 22, 2016

Many people love the French style and others prefer posh Italian looks. However there are types of people who follow all fashion trends from Paris to Milan. What fashionable women wear in the streets of Milan is interesting not only for designers but also for stylish ladies who do their best to be in trendy looks. Here are the best hairstyle trends from Milan Fashion Week 2017. They are all elegant, flashy and glamorous, so, be inspired by the recent hair styling ideas.Long and Medium Sleek Hairstyles Long and medium sleek side swept or center parted hairstyles are very fashionable…

Gray Hairstyles 2017

Relevance: 55%      Posted on: June 1, 2015

gray hairstyles

The biggest problem for women is gray hair and they are still struggling against aging. Hair coloring is the only way to hide gray strands. Regular touch ups and harsh chemicals sooner or later will damage hair and make it frizzy. So which is the best  way to get flawless look? Stop fighting against gray hair! Gray hair is the new blonde. 2017 hair color and hairstyle trends include numerous fantastic gray hairstyles that look even more eye catching than blonde or any other innovative color. If you just check out newest looks from Celebville or catwalk you will find…

Multi Tonal Hairstyles

Relevance: 55%      Posted on: May 22, 2015

hair highlights

Multi tonal hairstyle looks much more interesting than one tone hair color. The combination of subtle shades can make hair look fuller and longer and that’s why hair stylists so often use this trick. Styles of hair highlighting are so versatile that one can easily get confused while choosing the most suitable one. You can find million inspirational images but first check out this gallery of celebrity multi tonal hairstyles that include both subtle and dramatic images. From all the available styles of highlights dip dying is may be the most popular one. The combination of dark brown roots and…

Stylish Casual Hairstyle Ideas

Relevance: 54%      Posted on: September 17, 2015

ponytail hairstyle

Of course we often look for hairstyles to sport on special days but since our casual days are more than special occasions we should be careful for our casual looks as well. It goes without saying that hairstyle is the first thing that appears in the center of attention of the people surrounding you and your taste sometimes can be judged by your hairstyle. What hairstyles you prefer to wear on casual days speak about the style you follow and the care you gift your hair. Whether you are at home, at the workplace or just in the street keep…

Summer Best Celebrity Brown Hairstyles

Relevance: 52%      Posted on: April 8, 2015


Summer is heating up, girls become sexier with sun kissed skin and beautiful dresses but there is one more thing that make them so adorable. New summer hairstyle and hair color will complete your image so hurry up to find out the newest trends. Top 10 best celebrity brown hairstyles will show you some really beautiful images to copy. Jessica Biel Brown is one of the colors that have widest variety of shades and undertones and this is may be the reason why women so often choose this color. Another great advantage of brown is that it is easy to…