Como Instalar O Corel Draw X6

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How to Draw Manga

Manga is a highly regarded art form in Japan. Manga artists are highly respected not only for their skill but also for their imagination and creativity. To draw manga, one would have to study the characteristics of manga images. Most people who wants to learn how to draw manga are usually attracted to some characters in a manga series. Without knowing it, they’re not only attracted to the physical form of the manga character, they’r…

How To Draw Realistic Faces For Beginners

I’ve been drawing ever since I was a kid. It has been my passion all this time. Whenever I get bored, I get a magazine of my sister, select a famous celebrity to draw and boom my favorite session starts, drawing faces. As an artist I would say, nothing is more self satisfying than to see your work slowly coming to fruition. From the eyes of her face to the details of her nose, the shadows of her lips and every little strands of her hair….

How to Draw: How to Draw Blonde Hair With A Pencil

Many find lighter values of hair-such as blond, gray, and white-hard to represent in a portrait because, no matter how hard we try, a dark line, in and if itself, cannot represent a light strand of hair. As I teach in the 5-Pencil Method, there are a few steps that you should follow to create realistic light-colored hair. With the same five pencils we used to create dark brown hair, we can create lifelike blond hair as well. Drawing blond hair…

How to Draw Manga – Some Tips

Japanese style cartoon figures or manga has own the hearts of millions of cartoon fans all over the world. If you are like me you are also a fan of manga style. I enjoy this style of drawing very much. And let me tell you one secret you can have lot more fun by drawing beautiful manga style characters than what you can have just by looking at the art created by others. And drawing manga is not too difficult either. No matter whether you are an…

Pencil Drawing – Draw Facial Hair and Make Your Picture Alive

What if you learned how to draw natural facial hair that gives your picture a natural appearance? There are 5 simple steps that can get you started easily and instantly starting today. Make sure you read the following steps and instantly act to improve your artistic experience… 1. Setup Layers. Make sure that you setup facial hair in layers. The surrounding skin needs to be taken into evaluation as the skin has its own color and texture….