Historic Changes in Women’s Fashion – 1900s – 1960s

Throughout the years, women’s fashion and design has always been influenced by history, politics, and location. A woman’s status and station in society also affected the types of clothing choices deemed acceptable or expected of her. When taking a look at history, the role of the woman unfolds through popular clothing styles, as revealed through [...]

Acne, Why Do Some People Get it and Some People Don’t?

Acne and pimples is one of a teenagers worst nightmares, affecting more than 85% of the teenage population. Acne can be disfiguring, but its main effects are psychological which leads to low self-esteem. What is acne? Acne is the result of hair follicles and pores that become clogged. The most common form of acne is [...]

Swanky Dresser Or Fashion Clown? Your Men’s Dress Clothing Options Say it All!

Men’s dress clothing options continue to explode. Fabrics, colors, fit, layers, accessories all come together to create a “look.” Because the brain pays SO much attention to visual information, you need to make sure your style in men’s dress clothing makes the statement you want to convey. Some pointers: 1. Know who you are. Look, [...]